Carmona Design is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Miami, Florida and New York City, New York. We provide interior design services to residential and commercial clients worldwide.

Led by Tammy Carmona, a designer with over 25 years of experience and multiple awards, our studio delivers exceptional client experiences, with a combination of style, passion, and thoughtful attention to detail.

Tammy’s specialty is creating a coherent, comfortable space that has an overall theme that’s reinforced and echoed in the details. Anyone can order expensive furniture out of a catalog, but that’s not design. Design is understanding the needs of the client, the architecture and capabilities of the house, and the budget restrictions – then creating a solution that accommodates all of these factors.

In the words of the great Dieter Rams – “Good design is invisible”. This may seem ironic when applied to the highly visual field of interior design, but it’s the essence of creating truly comfortable and memorable spaces. When you’re not overwhelmed by random colors and odd design elements, you can enjoy the entire space – whether you’re living there or just visiting.

As an artist, Tammy has an innate understanding of the psychological impact of colors, shapes, and textures on the senses. As a homemaker and mother, she’s eminently practical, and always considers the client’s living habits and individual preferences, to create layouts and details that function ergonomically while remaining visually satisfying.

So, whether your project is a residential space (for living or for sale), or a commercial environment focused on hospitality, healthcare, or retail – let Carmona Design create the ideal solution for you!

Our Services

Residential Interior Design

Inspired spaces that are timeless, aesthetic, and functional.

We provide an in-depth consultation that takes into account your lifestyle, family composition, individual taste, budget, and the architectural factors of the home.

Then, we use our decades of experience to visualize a space that fits all those requirements.

Finally, we source luxurious furniture, decor, and artwork, to complete every aspect of the room in harmony.

Commercial Interior Design

Interior design of a commercial space plays a critical role in the success of any business. Creating a space that inspires employees, impresses clients, and provides a smooth and comfortable workflow, is a challenge that draws upon multiple design disciplines.

Whether your business focuses on retail, hospitality, healthcare, or professional services, the impact of a well-designed space cannot be understated. From the visual to the functional, every aspect of the operation should be considered and elevated to its maximum potential.

It’s about more than just looks – a well-designed office space can boost productivity, so the cost of the renovation pays for itself with increased profits over time. A hotel’s investment in updated furniture and decor translates to better reviews and higher receivables.

Professional offices – especially in the medical, legal, and financial industries – have a major impact on a potential client’s first impression as well as continued perception of the principals.

Our design team has transformed retail, healthcare, and hospitality spaces in the New York City area, and now we’re bringing this wealth of experience to South Florida. We work with all phases of projects, from design to construction to final setup. Get in touch with us, and see what a difference Carmona Design can make in your process!

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